Yay finally it’s over! We can get out and start to enjoy fresh air and the warmth of the sun! After a long winter season you feel like an animal that has been hibernating and has just now woken up. You walk outside squinting your eyes from the bright light, stretching arms wide soaking in the warmth of the sun and wave to neighbors starting to work on their gardens. You see people out again – walking, jogging, cycling and showing … skin. On the first warmish day you feel like you have to go outside to let people know you made it, enjoy it in case it’s a tease… and see who and what survived – a bit like in a movie after the disaster is over! 

So now the big clean up starts: branches on the lawn, leaves all over, horrible brown spiky balls from the Gum tree everywhere and imbedded in the lawn, rose bushes with leaves stuck in them, overgrown weeds, moss everywhere….. and after 5 minutes you wish you could chop down all the trees, pour concrete over the grass and flower beds, and live in a condo! You keep convincing yourself that it’s great to be outside finally. And by the end of the first hour you have an aching back, sore limbs, scratches on your arms, blisters on your hands because in your rush to get out you forgot you need to put on gloves and then of course, you find the stiff, dirty odd gloves you forgot to wash and put them on!

Bare patches on the lawn and mulch missing on flower beds, dead shrubs, weeds in pavers,….the work begins again in much the same way as it did last Spring when you said next year it will be different, better and easier!

Then you go to the nursery… so many beautiful strong healthy flowers and plants… and so many people! You are part of this group of people with the same mission. Your eyes are wide open in wonder and amazement with so much to choose from. Fellow gardeners pushing loaded carts with glorious plants,and standing in long lines just thrilled to be out with nature. You walk around in a daze like it’s a new experience and you search in the depths of you memory your knowledge of plants – thank goodness for smartphones, data and Google! 

Your home at last… and realize once again you bought way too many plants!