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Sofia Milner


It all started when I saw my mother's health begin to deteriorate and I suddenly felt if I didn't get something down in writing I was going to lose a big part of my family's history, life stories, and most importantly my children's heritage. My father had already passed away and if something happened to me I felt my family history would become lost and forgotten over time. I wanted my children to be able to tell my future grandchildren about me, their father, grandparents and extended family living in Europe and Asia. Even though there are websites that can trace ancestors there are many parts of the world where record of births and deaths are not registered properly which can make it very hard to trace people. Word of mouth through family seems to be the only way to get any information from these areas. I also felt that life wasn’t just about dates. It was also about what they did, how they lived, talked, travelled, and enjoyed life. It would have to include photos, videos, music and important documents that told their story, bringing them to life and giving family members a better understanding of their own history.

When I first began researching my parent's life and family's history it soon became clear that it was going to be difficult to get information.There were few records available and I would need to collaborate with other family members to get the information. And they too would most likely want to see the family biographies and history for their own families.

I also felt that I wasn't alone with this need to preserve my family history... so many of my friends were saying the same thing.

I searched on the internet and found nothing that would fulfill all my needs completely, especially since I wanted it to be FREE for everyone to use.

It was difficult to decide what to do with this idea. I was a full time high school Family and Consumer Science teacher with very little idea about technology beyond using Word and emails. I would be stepping into an area that I would never have dreamt in my wildest dreams of doing. If I went ahead with the idea how would I cope with this new world. I was near retirement age and did I really want to get into a totally new business? Was I too old to start something new like this? Wouldn't it be good to just have a quiet restful uncomplicated life? I could see myself having a business with cooking and sewing but technology and a website? What about funding? How do you run a business - would it work out? So many questions, worries and doubts – which never go away!

I have always wanted to have my own business but in the fashion or cooking world. When I started teaching after graduating I began a business sewing wedding dresses in my spare time. It started to take off but then I had to move when my husband got a new job in a different city. I decided I would only start the business again when I was settled in a place for a long time.

I did try it again but with young children it was hard.

My belief in the concept and its goodness was so strong I felt if I didn't try it then I would regret it one day. I was afraid of the unknown but on the other hand did I want to go through life wondering and regretting it? I wasn't getting any younger, so I couldn't let this hang out there too long. So listening to my family, inspirational talks, thinking of my children and families everywhere I decided to go for it... and iBiographer was conceptualized!

So… what is iBiographer?

Over time many life stories become forgotten…. the details and special moments of people’s lives become lost to future generations. Now iBiographer offers you the chance to create biographies and a family history for every generation to enjoy and keep.

In iBiographer you can write, upload photos, documents, videos and music to really show what the person’s life was about. You don’t need to start at the beginning of their life. Pick any stage in their life and put it in order later. It’s do-it-yourself. You do it the way you want, when you want and take however long you want! Just keep writing and adding as you discover new things.

Invite family and friends to help you capture every part of the person’s life in a central place from grandparents to the baby. Baby Bio allows you to record and keep a journal of the baby’s medical, weight, and height information as well as all the activities and milestones in the child’s life. Track your children’s life journey and memories and share it with family all over the globe so no one needs to miss out on the excitement as they grow!

Create a family tree and add all the members of your family as far as you can go. Biographies of family members can also be linked to the member in family tree for easy access.

Interactive features such as a discussion forum and Chatterbox helps to make it easy to stay in touch, work together and share memories, photos and videos from all over the world.

Everyone has a life story that needs to be preserved for others to know and for future generations to remember and learn about family members and friends.

With all the frustrations, struggles and constant learning I am still a very strong believer in the great goodness of this website for families and friends all over the world. The more I hear friends talk about losing loved ones the more I feel it was the right thing to create for everyone.

As Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) said in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes…

"All these people will live so long as you remember"

So, don’t wait any longer. Start writing!

Sofia Milner

Founder and owner